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Magical Mystery Tour 2018 Day 7, 8 and 9

Welcome back everyone! The Magical Mystery Tour just keeps on taking us away, away away...Each day has been packed full, and are starting to blend together to the point where we forget what day it is!

As always, thank you to everyone who has participated in our tour.  We are having so much fun finding your special new crystals, minerals and jewelry items. For those who may not have followed our previous blogs, if you see something below that you would like reserve, or have us make a special purchase, please contact me at 720 352 3224. 

Welcome to Day 7!

In our previous blog, we talked about some Uruguayan Amethyst buds. Here are 4 of the 5 buds. Look at how spectacular they look with a light behind them.  Of the 5 that are available, there is one on reserve, so if you are interested, please message us and we will add you to the list.  

For your enjoyment: A very large Blue Calcite Bear family carving.

We were able to once again get some of the Blue Calcite from Argentina.  We had a few pieces last year, but we have not seen Jumbos for quite a few years.  We were told that they would not be coming out with any more, but apparently a new vein was found and they are producing a bit again. This is how the mineral industry works, it is almost like the stock market.  You never know when things will be mined out, or a new vein found and become available again. I will say, with this material, as it is one of my top ten most favorite, I am thrilled. See below for some items that are available.

It was quite a tussle to get first picks on these gems. As I posted them on FB today, a few in this photo have already been spoken for.  If you are interested in being added to the list, please message us. All together there are 14 pieces available, not all are shown here.

For your enjoyment: Water Clear Golden Calcite.  Though we did not get these pieces, we did get some water clear white calcite and one light pinkish purple Calcite rhomboid that have not been polished.  I think they are the most clear we have ever had and they are rather larger than usual. If you would like one of these pieces, please message me right away so I can see if they are still available or if you would like to reserve one of the clear ones that we are bringing back. 

Kammererite Specimens are some of the most difficult to find because the mine has been closed since 2009 for financial reasons.  As far as I can remember, we have only had 4 or 5 over the 20 plus years we have been in business.  I was getting a few for some customers, and have one extra piece available. If you are interested in this very rare and very lovely colored specimen, let us know. Some of you may have seen the slices we have that grow with Serpentine from the past few years.  That material comes from India, where as the specimens come from Turkey. This specimen in the above picture that is available stands on its own!

For your enjoyment: Spessartite Garnets with Quartz.  This material has been mined out for probably many years.  This specimen is about 7" or 8" long!

For your enjoyment: Sulphur crystals from Italy.  I honestly can't tell you any other minerals that come from Italy and these are beyond words. They are the size of a fist!

For your enjoyment.  Green tourmaline, but look at the tips.  The pink Tourmaline grew out of the center of the crystals and they look like little flames coming out of a rocket. 

One of our very lucky customers is getting this fabulously artistic Zebra Onyx Bowl!

Don't we lead a fabulous life? Crunched in the car for lunch :)  Look closely and you can see Karen waving from the front seat. P.S. we are parked next to another port-a-potty...Glamorous 

For your enjoyment: This was an Amethyst Geode with a stalactite Calcite. It has a $30k price tag on it!

Aparently the T-Rex are popular this year.  We are seeing them all over. This is a large Malachite one.  Pretty least when they are extinct and not trying to eat you...

Ahh the find of the day. This most definitely made us want to Twist and Shout, because Golden Healer, you look so good!  Yes, if you are thinking this is an Arkansas Golden Healer, you are correct!  We found a nice selection of these 2 years ago, and luckily they are back again! This is the largest piece that we will be bringing back.  It is over 5 lbs. 

This is one of the smaller ones.  We have a nice collection of the smaller clusters coming home with us. 

Day 8

Today was a bit more of a high end day, as one of the fine jewelry and bead shows opened. We had quite a list of special orders to look for today, so many of the photos will be for your enjoyment. 


These two bowls were my special find of the day.  Years and years ago, when I was in college, my parents found one of them while on their buying trip.  They would always bring me home a Tucson gift" and that was my gift that year.  They never saw them again.  Until this year!  We have two fabulous Fluorite bowls with floral carvings to offer you. I personally keep small pink Tourmaline crystals in mine and enjoy it every day.

Some of you may remember the lovely Rhodochrosite we found last year.  We met with the Miner again this year and stocked up on a bit more.  This year we are bringing home 2 small eggs 8 mini obelisks 2 pyramids and some great slices. We also are bringing back some stalactite gel ends that are not pictured here. 

In case you missed one last year we grabbed a few more of these very handy dandy exchangeable pendulums.  You can change out the stones depending on the energy you want that day!

Also pictured are a few of the new bracelets we will be bringing back. Starting at the bottom of the photo: Pink Tourmaline Moonstone Botswana Agate Carnelian Tourmaline included Quartz Rutilated Quartz Aquamarine Lapis Apatite and Blue Lace Agate.  I forgot to add in the Ametrine to the photo :(

By day 8 things are getting pretty weird.  Some of us are starting to grow glowing red 3rd eyes.  All the better to see you with my dear!

For your enjoyment: I so badly wish the fire in these beads came through better. They were simply breathtaking. We purchased a few strands for special orders and were like kids in a candy shop.

For your enjoyment: a mix of tourmaline beads.  If you are looking to buy a new home your down payment could instead be used to purchase one of these strands...

These faceted opals were another special order for a very special client. She will be using these to make a beaded necklace that I am guessing will drop most people's jaw.  They will be mixed with the highest quality Chrome Diopside and Lapis Lazuli beads. Again I wish the fire and sparkle showed better in the photo.

Selfie pictures in the car.  It is starting to fill up and we have so many more orders to pick up. 

For cat lovers everywhere: Cat's Eye Green Opal cabochon. The chatoyant strip running down the center replicates a Cat's eye pretty well not to mention the nice green coloring.  These have been mined out for many years and this is some of the last from old stock.  It was the only "acceptable"" one that I could find. We do have a few others back in Boulder.  This piece has two reserves on it but if you are interested in a piece please message me as I believe we have about 6 that are available in all. 

Beer Time!

For your enjoyment: Green Tourmaline. This piece is about 16"" long!

For your enjoyment: Iridescent Goethite. We loved the rainbow!

Fun times with old friends. We always have a great time running into friendly faces and taking funny pictures. This is a sharks jaw around my face. 

 Day 9


Some of you may have seen or may even have a piece of the rough gemmy Sphalerite from Spain that we have at our Crystalline Temple in Boulder.  If you are like me and can't get enough Sphalerite no matter the form or location then these polished gem Sphalerites will be up your alley.  Please message me no later than 1 pm on 1/29 if you would like to add a piece to your collection.  I only have the afternoon of 1/29 to get them. Please text me at 720 352 3224.  

This apparently is the best Japanese Law Twin that was mined in an Arkansas mine.  What makes these so special is that they are tabular (meaning flat) and then spread out like butterfly wings in a twin crystallization. This is a rare form a quartz twinning. 

We are bringing back a nice selection of Shiva Lingams in a range of sizes.  They look like Zebras this year!


Look at these great pinkish and imperial Topaz crystals!  Natural pink Topaz is so incredibly rare!  These are pinkish orange and yummy! Message me to get on the reserve list.  We also have pure imperial with no pink coloring. The Mine that normally produced Pink topaz closed in 1987.  We have a natural pink Topaz crystal that was mined there the year before it closed. These are the first pink Topaz we have since that material stopped coming out. They are from a different mine but at least there is a little that is now coming out. Please know that much of the pink Topaz on the market is dyed. Be very careful when purchasing this stone especially in faceted form. 

Rutilated Quartz can be so magical. It comes to life under light and especially in the sun. We found five of these little beauties in all. 

Some fun Amethyst and Ametrine bead pendants to add to our jewelry boards. Great clarity and interesting inclusion patterns. Also great for those who like to bead and have a large center stone. 

Let me take you down Cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields nothing is real...

Well they are real and they are strawberry colored! But they are not Rose Quartz they are pink Amethyst and they are the new find this year!  They come from Argentina.  Many of the geodes have calcite crystals growing in with the Rose Amethyst. They are absolutely precious and perfectly sweet. They look like little caves that fairies live in. Magical.  

Below are a few close ups.  We have another flat of larger geodes as well. Please message us to reserve yours!

One Rose Amethyst geode with Calcite

Another sweet geode. 

That wraps up the 3rd leg of our tip!  One more leg to go.  We thought we would leave you with a little humor.  Luke and I wore our matching shirts out and received quite a few laughs today. 

We hope you have learned some new things and had some fun with us!  Now I am going to let the Zzzzzz's take me away away away....

Now it's time to say good night
Good night sleep tight
Now the sun turns out his light
Good night sleep tight
Dream sweet dreams for me
Dream sweet dreams for you.

Karen Bruce Mirabai and Luke







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