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Magical Mystery Tour 2018 Days 10, 11 and 12

Welcome to the last quarter of our Magical Mystery Tour!  We are drawing to an end but don't miss the finale! There are still plenty of gems to see.  We won't "let you down!

Day 10

We had a lot of places to visit on Day 10 so we split up to cover more ground.  Luke and I had some odd experiences.  We started off the day drooling over the largest darkest Amethyst Geodes we have ever seen. They almost look black here but they are actually the richest royal purple when you are standing next to them. 

To get an idea of size that is a business card in the center of the geode. 

These little beauties are from Madagascar.  They are filled with inclusions of Goethite and some Hematite  They were pricey little buggers so we did not get any but really enjoyed seeing them. 

After we saw these we were walking through rooms enjoying the sights.  I was wearing my fire department jacket like I usually do in the morning when a police officer stopped me. I assumed he wanted to ask about my jacket as I get quite a few comments on it. Instead he asked what I was doing.  I was somewhat taken aback but said I was shopping for my family business. He then said there were complaints that I was trying to steal vendors for another show.  Luke and I looked at each other with completely blank looks on our faces and I said. "What???". Well long story short he apologized and told us to enjoy but we were a bit rattled.  Pretty odd!

After that we walked into another room and I was writing some info on my clip board. The miner who's room it was comes up and starts asking if everything was laid out OK.  I again was a bit taken aback but said it was beautiful.  He then pointed at my jacket and asked if anything should be moved.  I laughed and told him I was not a fire inspector I was a customer. Weird day!

Later we happened upon this glittering Apophyllite druse cluster with small amounts of Stilbite and fell in love.  As always these photos do nothing to show the real beauty. This piece is sold but we are bringing home a few others if they catch your eye.  Some of the pieces are pinkish-red in color.

If you mess with the tail you will get the teeth...

Probably the most incredible carving of the tour.  The stone alone is unbelievable. Marble with Pargasite and Spinel. The birds are made of Ruby and Zoisite. 


Large Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz on Aquamarine and!

Had to make sure my friends teeth were OK :)

In September we found a new stone called Phosphosiderite.  We purchased a few wands and tumbled stones. We were able to get a few more wands on this trip as well as these very rich orchid bracelets! The color is amazing!!!  Let me know if you would like to reserve one. There are 4 bracelets and about 6 wands available. The wands are a lighter color purple and good for massage work.  Judy Hall writes about Phosphosiderite in The Crystal Bible 3 and it's wonderful. 

For your enjoyment: Bolivia is the best location for Ametrine. These are palm sized slices with great color zoning. 

Leading the heard.

Bruce found these sweet little Dendrites from Utah. They are coming back with us along with some cabochons.

This was a special purchase for a special customer.  This rainbow Tourmaline strand of beads is so clear and clean!  The colors are vibrant. We can't wait to see how the necklace will turn out.  

Day 11

AGTA!  Today was the last day of shopping for us and we always spend it at the opening day of the high end gem show.  I had a list of special order items for customers so I split off and started my search. First on my list was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!  OK well just the diamond...but hey it worked with the Beatles them.

I found this brilliant 1.02ct round diamond for a customer's engagement ring that I am working on. Great sparkle and fire.  

Here were a few different faceting styles on a round Morganite that I was trying to find for a customer. Amazing all of the different things they can do with facets to completely change the look of a stone.

More large Tourmaline beads in this jelly bean necklace. 

Look at the size of these Gem Silca cabochons!  Amazing color. 

This was a custom pendant I did for a customer a few years back in Rose Gold.  It is a very large pendant but finding a chain in Rose Gold to support the weight was not an easy feat. We finally found one this year.  It is a fine Italian gold round wheat chain. 

These two photos of faceted stones in jewelry and unset stones are the same stone.  Do you have any idea of what they may be?  We were stumped for a minute because of the color.  Would you believe these are Sunstone?  Well believe because that is indeed what they are.  We have never seen anything like them.  We were wondering if they were Sphalerite at first. Truly a sight to see. 

And then we ran across a 22lb. Tourmaline!

This is a new line we are considering carrying.  They are pendant gem viles that hold essential oils. Pretty cool!

The earrings in this case were previous award winners. This case could not get any prettier. 

Looking for a nice cuff to wear?? This one may do the trick.  The workmanship is unreal and the gemstones are REAL. 

The stones in these settings are all invisible set. It means the prongs are hidden so it looks like the stones are just sitting there not being held in by anything. 

We are bringing this beautiful Rutiliated Cabochon back with us.  Too pretty to pass up!

Morganite and Aquamarine Carving.  There are no words. 

Large Ruby bowls. words!

Gemstones the size of grapes and a black Tourmaline included bowl.  Each case gets better and better!

Emerald carvings.  We loved the peacock! 

An entire case of Paraiba Tourmaline!  This is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. 

This was another special order.  A diamond and two tone gold tennis bracelet.  Very modern and a great birthday gift!

The AGTA show. 

Up next are some of the AGTA award winners. 

100.66 ct. harlequin pattern black Opal.

So beautiful. 

18K rose and 14K rose and white gold "Cosmos"" pendant featuring a 24.06 ct. specialty-cut Morganite accented with Diamonds (3.14 ctw.).

24.26 ct. round Portuguese-cut Rhodochrosite.

True artwork. The creativity that people have is unlimited. 

18K yellow gold "Genie"" earrings featuring a pair of mint grossular Garnets (5.22 ctw.) accented with Diamonds (5.69 ctw.) and mint grossular Garnets (1.90 ctw.).

18K white and yellow gold "Solar Flare"" back-drop necklace featuring a 436.0 ct. Citrine accented with Aquamarines (44.50 ctw.) yellow Beryls (87.30 ctw.) and Diamonds (23.54 ctw.).  The large stone was at least 4"" long! Unbelievable. 

As we finished the day the moon was just rising.  A perfect way to end a perfect Magical Mystery Tour.

Thank you for following our Tour we had so much fun with you all.  The weather was phenomenal and as always we are coming home with a truck filled with many goodies to share with you all.  Please stay tuned to more blogs as we start the inventory process. 

Day 12

We packed up and headed out early this morning. The start of another beautiful day and perfect driving weather. 

Oh yeah all right
Are you going to be in my dreams

And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love
You make

The End

Karen Bruce Mirabai and Luke


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