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New Tumbled Stones and Flat Stones at Hands of Spirit Chapter 5

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our new blog filled with tumbled and flat stones.  We really love specimens, but I have to say, there is something that is so much fun about playing with tumbled stones.  When we start spending time with them, you start seeing what makes each one unique.  These are available at the Crystalline Temple.  We are open all summer by appointment. Please give us a call at 303 541 9727 to come visit.  The gardens are stunning and the deer are continually roaming around trying to eat the flowers.  Bruce is not thrilled about that!

Now, lets roll...

These dynamic Sodalite are called Sunset Sodalite.  They are a mix of Feldspar and Sodalite.  I prefer to think of them as Bronco's fans...but that's just me. 

Next we have Pink Opal from Peru.  This has such soft and loving energy.  Each piece is different and it is hard not to want them all.  We also have new Chiastolite.  These are pretty hard to find, but we we're lucky to get a pound. 

Colorful Mookaite Jasper!  Can't get enough of these.  The green pieces are nice large pieces of Nephrite Jade. They feel great in the hand. 

These very gemmy stones are Aqua Aura Quartz.  When they are rocked back and forth, they have some nice rainbows. 

We were very lucky to get some Seraphinite, it is becoming so hard to find.  These pieces are really beautiful.  Great polish and nice patterns.  Next, we have something we have never had before.  Opal Aura Rose Quartz! They are really pretty in person.  Nice rainbow colors and soft, gentle energy. 

Peach Moonstone is up next, this is another item we have not had much of in the past.  On the right we  have rare Pinolith.  It comes from China. The patterns are great on these.

Here we have goodly sized blue Topaz tumbleds. They fit well in the hand and are all natural. As you can see, we don't have many, they are hard to get in larger sizes. However...see below...

We have a large selection in the smaller size of natural blue Topaz.  They are nice and gemmy. On the right we have pink Petalite.  This is the last of the pink Petalite we will be getting supposedly. We will see, but we stocked up on as much as we could. 

Pink Kunzite from Namibia is always popular.  Normally you see it from Pakistan, which we also have. The Namibia material is more opaque, and has some chatoyancy and darker colors.  We also have more Preseli Stone from Stonehenge!  Very popular but hard to come by. 

These glorious piece are new for us.  They are Sunset Aura Quartz.  This is all we have, so make sure to get one fast!

Need a little grounding? Black Tourmaline will do the trick.  Need a little love? Rose Quartz will cover that!

These peach morsels are Morganite.  Morganite ranges from this peachy color to more of a baby pink.  Morganite is the pink/peach variety of Beryl. The Prehnite is nice and jelly, and has Epidote in it. 

Great pieces of Stichtite!  Some have bits of Serpentine in them as well.

 Deep pink Thulite.  Yum yum.  We have only ever seen Thulite in tumbled form, but nothing else. Pairing nicely with Thulite, we have Amazonite.  These are African pieces, rather than Colorado.  They tend to have deeper coloring. 

Chalcedony comes in many many colors.  These tumbleds are like periwinkle jelly!  On the right we have larger pieces of very clear Smoky Quartz.

Here was have Aquamarine.  Really deep colors from Namibia. 

Botswana Agate Slices.  You should see these pieces when they are held up to the light!  The banding is so cool.

Siberian Jade!!!!  These pieces would be great in a stained glass window.  Nice and smooth and good for laying on clients so they stay in place. 

Blue Lace Agate.  The banding is more pronounced in the photo than in person, but these are still so artistic in person.  Another of the flat stones that look great when held up to light.

Last but not least, we have Prairie Tanzanite flat stones!  These come from Wyoming.  Interesting mottled patterning.

That wraps up our tumbled and flatstone blog for today.  We hope you have enjoyed.  We look forward to seeing your friendly faces this summer.  We are always getting in new treasures, so come on up and say hello!



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