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New Crystals, Minerals and Carvings at Hands of Spirit Chapter 3

Welcome to the preview to end all previews! Boy to we have a lot to share with you.  The amazing part is, we are still not done inventorying!  Along with the two previous blogs, and this blog, there will be even more for you to see at our Spring Open house, April 7th and 8th, 2018!

As always, if you see something here that you can't live without, please email or text me at 720 352-3224.  We are happy to put anything aside if it is calling your name. Especially for those of you who are out of state and won't be able to join us.

Old stock of naturally colored (no heat treatment) Citrine Wands from Zambia!

More incredible Zambian Citrine. (The large dark piece on the right has sold).

We have a few of these velvety black/brown Septarian Nodule geodes. 

Fossilized Sand Dollars! 

These Celestite Geodes are lovely in person and so calming. 

Polychrome Jasper flame sculpture and a artistic selection of hearts in Labradorite, Orbicular Ocean Jasper and Agate.

Wands!!! Lots and lots of wands.  These are all very useful for massage, Reiki work, Crystal Healing and many other modalities. The top left are new Chevron Amethyst wands, next are Prairie Tanzanite Wands.

Next, we have Blue Lace Agate, Indigo Gabro, Amazonite and Auralite 23.  These are just a sample of what we have.

The longest Black Tourmaline wands we have had, as well as Chrysoprase wands!

These are lots of fun. Chrysoprase flat stones, Stichtite, K-2 Jasper, Brandberg Amethyst and one Sugilite!  The lighting is not the best, but these pieces are beautiful! 

Up next, one of our great finds - Candle Quartz clusters from Madagascar.  Many glow when a light is put under them. This first picture is of something that was growing off of one of the clusters.  This is under magnification. Not sure what it is, but they were pretty cute. 

Here are a small sample of the cluster, see how they glow!

We have some intricate new Sri Yantra carvings. We also have some in Pendulum form that are not shown here. 

Back by popular demand!  Twelve point stars in Amethyst, Quartz and Rose Quartz.

Ohhhh goody!  If you missed the Vivianite Nodules last year, you won't want to miss them this year.  We found some interesting information on them this year. They come from rough, that look like balls in most cases.  They slice them open to polish them.  Most however don't yield good polish or patterns, so finding a selection like the one above, takes a lot of effort and is time consuming.  Many of these have the natural skin on the back side that has not been polished.  We also have a few of the balls that have not been polished at all. 

I love the pattern of the piece on the left.  It is like a single large ocean wave.  The pieces on the right are our only pair.  You can see the mirrored pattern in them.

Another new one for us, pink/salmon Apophyllite with Stilbite from India. They sparkle well in the light.

Aura Quartz galore! Hearts, Angels, Flat Stones, Jumbo Tumbleds as well as pendulums, pendants, earrings, and crystal clusters not pictured. 

And yet, another new find!  Amphibole and Mica Quartz with Iron from Columbia. The Mica is visible at 10x magnification and the Amphiboles are visible at 40x magnification. For those who like the Amphiboles from Brazil, these will be a nice addition to your collection!

Adorable Shungite carvings!  We have one owl, and two of the turtle carvings available.  

Another new one!  OK, these may look a bit like dirty ice in the photos, but you MUST see them in person.  They are etched Quartz fairy castles and they come to life in the sun. 

We have the Auralite 23 ready.  Many of you may have seen these before, but what you have not seen, are the Elestialated crystals! Though these crystals are not the most flashy, there is something about them that captures our attention in a serious way. 

For those of you who have been in need of Anandalite Quartz (7 Rainbow Quartz), we have a really nice new selection.  This photo does not captures the natural rainbows that cover many of the faces of these clusters. Some are even stalactites! 

We have Ruby and Granite hearts again and a few Ruby crystals as well.  We also have mint green Apophyllite that is very affordable ($12 and under).

More wands! On the left: we have had a hard time finding Cinnabar, but we now have it in wands and flat stones.  We also have a few Phosphosiderite wands as well as tumbleds that are not shown.  On the right: We have Serpentine and Epidote spheres.  The Epidote spheres are pretty cool.  You can see the little crystals throughout the entire sphere. 

Schalendblende is an artistic looking combination of minerals.  It is comprised of Sphalerite, Galena, Marcasite and Pyrite. You will get the properties of all. 

Another new find!  We have had so many this year.  What you are looking at is glittering Chrome Chalcedony from Turkey.  I think this is now the 4th stone that we have from Turkey. As usual you can't see the sparkle, but wait till you see these.  They look like hillsides of trees and earth!

You can see a little of the sparkle in these pictures. 

Another thing we went wild on this year was flames!!!  We have all sorts of new flames. Quartz with black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Citrine, and Rose Quartz.  These are just a small sample, but we have many, many others and they are dramatic.  Some, like the piece above on the right, are half polished, half natural Elestialated. 

Besides flames, we even have large, free form sculptures that will take your breath away. 

Siberian Jet spheres and flat stones are a must if you need protection!

We are almost at the end, but make sure you see these highly polished Seraphinite free forms.  I have never seen a polish like this on Seraphinite.  As we said in a previous blog, this material, we were told, stopped being mined a few years ago, so is becoming more rare and more expensive. 

Look at the patterns!

I would say I left the best for last, but there are just so many great things to see, that I would be lying, so lets just say, Golden Healers from Arkansas...enough said!  Well, OK, one more thing.  We have them in large plates like the two pieces I am holding, as well as medium and small clusters.

I know this was a long one, but I didn't want to leave anything out.  We hope you can join us at the Open House.  I promise to have my Rice Crispy treats, and we will be giving out a delightful gift this year when you come to visit. Don't forget to sign up for a Shamanic Journey with Margaret Taylor. Appointments are 25 minutes for $25.  If you choose you can come with an intention. 

Happy Spring, we hope to see you soon!


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