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The Roaring 20's at the Gem Show 2020! Days 1, 2 and 3

A new decade is upon us and we are here to knock your socks off like never before! It is 2020 and we fully plan on bringing back the Roaring 20's slang and fun that made the decade one for the books! You may think at times that we are drinking Giggle Water (liquor) with the shenanigans that we write about... You may drool over the Hotsy Totsy (attractive, pleasing to the eye) crystals and gems we share with you...But what is for sure, is that by the time this is over, you will Know Your Onions (to know what’s up or what’s going on) in the world of crystals!

For those who have followed along with our blogs in years past, welcome back! For those who are new, here is a quick refresher. Once you have read through the Blog, if there is something you want, that is stated to be available, please text me, at 720 352-3224 to get on the reserve list. The reserve list does not lock you into having to purchase the item, rather it puts you on a list to be notified once the item is inventoried. You will then be contacted in the order your message was received.

Now, lets get rolling!

Mom and daughter united on buying trip with some serious wands and chakra energy, though I wanted to use mine like a lightsaber. 


I had to snag a picture of the sweetest pup ever. This guy came from the streets of Taiwan and we see him every year with his Mom. They make the cutest team.

Well, we had to do it...When do you ever see a 1.36 kg piece of Sugilite, Bustamite and Manganese. Plus it stands on its own! This was the mother load. We lucked out and will also be bringing home some larger tumbled pieces of Sugilite with Manganese from the one and only South Africa location as it occasionally trickles out to the market from old stock. As you may know, Sugilite is easily one of our top 3 most favorite stones. We hunt for it every year, and are always delighted when we can find some. 

If you are thinking these purple goddesses are Sugilite, you may be surprised to find that they are actually Lavendar Jadeite from Turkey! We have carried this stone in rectangular flat stones, but this year, it is the Roaring 20's so the stones have upped their game as well!  For those confusing with Nephrite and Jadeite, Jadeite is usually the, rarer, more sought after, and more expensive variety.  We have 10 in all, and can't wait to share them with you. This is a great example of when you may want to get on the reserve list. 

Every night, we get home after a long day of pounding the pavement. We grab a quick bit, shower and then I settle into work on the blog usually around 9pm. Luke kindly makes our lunch for the next day so I can work. Tonight being our first night, was no different. I have been  excited to use my iphone 11 Pro, whose camera is touted as The Barries"" (the best). After I transferred the pictures off the phone and put them on my computer I then have to upload them to the our website platform and then download them into the blog! As you can imagine its a lot of uploading and downloading that takes waaayyy to much time. Well tonight was a nightmare the pictures loaded to my computer beautifully however when they loaded to the blog they were terrible! I had to get on the phone with the website company but to no avail. Sadly some of the pictures you see in this blog are a shadow of what they should be including these 4 mouth watering Bustamite tumbled stones :'(

In late 2019 we got our hands on about 6 of these new Amethyst crystals. The most desired pieces have very thin bases which extend to large Amethyst points many with Phantoms and some with Citrine. The longer the better. The picture above shows you the amount I looked through just to get the three pieces you see below!

Lollipop lollipop 
Oh lolli lolli lolli lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli lollipop 

Amethyst Lollipops...they are the Barries! As a side note I was able to work with another miner who was offering these and I got 7 more so 10 in all will be coming back with us! I think most are at least 12"" long.

I had to share this these were laid out in a parking lot and they are all Pink and Green Tourmaline! The length of the tarp was at least 6'. 

Here we go again yes we did get this piece! 1.465 kg of Malachite covered in Chrysocolla!!!! Never in all our years have we had anything like this specimen. I can't wait to get it back to CO for a photo shoot. This ones is a collector piece indeed!

Sadly another one where the photos are not uploading well however the Sunstone free forms are brilliant and glittering in person as are the Iolite with flecks of Sunstone. Sunstone is a variety of the Feldspar group and will thus have the properties of both. The Iolite because it has the Sunstone in it will have three properties Sunstone Feldspar and Iolite. We have not had larger free forms in these stones before and are thrilled to offer them.

If you are a fan of Iolite like we are you may fall in love with the high polished Lingam shapes we are bringing home. They also have specs of Sunstone in them. The Lingam shape is celebrated in the Hindu culture and is a representation of Lord Shiva one of their three main gods. The Lingam is known for the generative powers it holds. 

We also could not pass up this flashy Labradorite Buddha head for all our diety lovers. 

Who could pass up a Labradorite rose? Because a rosy by any other name would small as sweet...OK there is no smell to this one but at least it won't die! 

Optical Calcite with Okenite inclusions from India! We have had a few of these over the past year and every time we get them they sell like little hot cakes. We did our best to find a few more to bring back. 

I fell head over heals in love with this piece. It was the first thing Karen showed me today and I new we had to get it. The back side has a large splotch of Iolite. the other pic of the other side is posted on FB and IG for those who want to see. This is one of the largest Sunstones I have seen and the largest we have ever had. Such a gem! The glitter effect you see is called Aventurescense. 

It may not look like much in the picture but this flawless sphere was selling for $100 000!!! A bit more than we wanted to spend today but it was amazing to see!

Lovers of Charoite we hit the Jack pot. To entice you I will say this: We are bringing home 13 spheres of this size. 73 spheres measuring around 1 or so inches and about 50 polished flat stones with tons of chatoyancy. Many of them also have some Fedorite (pink) Aegirine (black) or Tinaksite (brown/yellow) in them!

I have a mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it. Groucho Marx

If you are a member of our Hands of Spirit Crystal Club you will have seen this natural colored Citrine being offered today. It is 398.5 carats. A bit large for a ring. If you are not a member but would like to join the Club it is not too late!  Please message me at 720 352 3224 and we would be happy to help you join. 

A great photo opp! A few of these came home with us but all together I could not pass up this fun pic!

Purple was the theme today with Sugilite Charoite and Amethyst flowers. Last year a number of you added one of these to your collection. After seeing their popularity but lack of availability I worked with a longtime friend of ours who is connected to the mine in Brazil. He brought about 50 pieces for me to see and I had selected the best 27 of the batch. In mineral speak 50 pieces would be equivalent to Toyota producing only 1 car to each state every year. These specimens are must see!

If you joined the Hands of Spirit Crystal Club you would have seen this adorable Penguin being offered today. Look at that flash!

Look at that Bearcat (a lively spirited woman possibly with a fiery streak) and that Bimbo (macho man).

Another Crystal Club offering. The piece on the right did not sell in the club and it is coming back with us. We could not pass it up! The stone you may remember from last year if you followed our blogs is Zebra Onyx. 

The sunset we experienced at the end of day 1 may have been the best I have ever seen. Take this picture and in your imagination multiply it by 100 and you may have an inkling of what we experience. There are no words...

Day 2. 

Another stunning morning greeted us as we started out day two of buying. We were fortunate to slip into our favorite Madagascar mining company's tent to replenish on many needed items. While there we had some fun posting a number of Angels on our Crystal Club.  These are two of the pieces we shared a Rose Quartz and a Amazonite Feldspar Angel. 

If you like lime green than you won't want to miss one of these Green Opal hearts! Fantastic polish to boot!

We always enjoy Malachite carvings especially the larger carvings when done well. These are a few from the Crystal Club that sold but were too lovely not to share.  I am a sucker for Lions being a cat lover and Leo. 

In our usual style we had to add some humor to our job. This year I found a few Malachite Stalactites that made fantastic antennas!  

This is a sample of the Malachite Stalactites we found this year. We are not taking reserves on these rather they will be available on a Live Sale that is TBD once they are inventoried. Make sure to keep your eye on our social media for the announcement. They come from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and though they are not showing well due to our upload issue they have a slight glitter to them that is lovely.

This is the lid of a Malachite box that was about 14"" long! 

Karen and Bruce spent their day shopping in a different part of town while Luke and I tackled another area. After spending some time with the Madagascar and African minerals we headed South to play with some Mexican minerals! We had some great finds one of which is Fishtail Selenite that we have not been seeing much of for years. These 6 fishes will be coming back with us.

I don't know if you would call it Art Deco in design to match our Roaring 20's theme but this large piece is covered in Creedite! For those who are less familiar with Creedite it usually forms in little crystal balls that look like Sputniks. Though we did not get this piece it was a sight too see. It was about 2' long. 

This Barite may be less than impressive in the photo but I promise it is a beauty. The luster is out of this world and it glitters beautifully when moved.t I have seen very little of this formation from Mexico. We sold a few on the Crystal Club but wanted to bring one back for the Temple as well. I may have added one to my collection as well ;)

I feel purple may be our unintentional theme of this year. With the Amethyst flowers Charoite Spheres...some more Charoite that you will see shortly Sugilite Lavendar Jadeite Amethyst lollipops and now Very Cruz Amethyst we will need to have a Purple People Eater Party to sell all these purple rocks! I am bringing back an awesome selection of Very Cruz and will actually have some single terminated packs available for those who use them in crystal grids!

Plus we will hopefully have another big announcement in a few days if all goes well with miner we are meeting with from Zambia! 

Ahhh the joy of Charoite. Let's just say we got the low down this year on all the goings on with this coveted and expensive mineral. The good news? We have got the goods and the prices that will hopefully shock you in a very good way compared to what you may have been seeing on the market and in the past. 

The pieces you are seeing above (besides the sphere) are all palm sized pieces with a matte finish. The reason for this? The people who produce this mineral in Siberia have never actually made free forms like this before. They are not currently able to polish them like they do the spheres. I found this interesting as I take for granted that this should be an easy ask. However after hearing how production is run it gave me a new appreciation that things we think should be simple or even easier may actually present an entire rework to adjust to the new ask. Either way if you love Charoite these are a must along with a sphere which we have not fully shown to you yet...

As a side note Luke and I only selected the spheres yesterday and were not going to get these free forms. At the end of the day today however Karen and Bruce stopped by with us so we could show them these and needless to say we indulged. 

As usual we stocked up on some Lemurian Seed Spheres because we can't keep them in stock! The rainbows are a must!

While we work our back sides off Karen lounges like a Dewdropper(a slacker who sits around all day and does nothing) on this Darb (splendid) crystal couch!

Are you sitting down? If not we suggest you do so for these final two items of the day. We are big fans of Gemmy Rhodonite though I actually believe Luke is the one that really turned us onto it. It may be his favorite stone in fact. If you saw our social media post you will have already seen this piece but if not we had to include here. Most Gemmy Rhodonite comes in mass/rough form and occasionally has a crystalline face. This specimen however is all crystalline! Rhodonite helps you achieve your greatest potential I think this specimen took that to heart! This piece and the others we have will all be available via a Live Sale also TBD so stay tuned. 

I am not sure we can top the Rhodonite above however I think we may at least equal it in these very old stock supremely rare Transvaal Jade Jumbos! They come from Transvaal South Africa and are also called Grossularite. For those who have been following us on social media you will have seen in 2019 we had some small tumbleds and cabochons also from old stock. They sold out quickly and there was a thirst for more. Cross my heart I never expected we would find any again save for a small cabochon here or there and nothing even close to this quality if we did. These are the top supreme quality and I feel like we just found 1 needle in a hay stack the size of Africa! 

Day 3.

If Karen was going to act like a Dewdropper then I was going to do the same but twice as much! Think you are seeing double? Well you kind of are due to Luke's trick photography. Nice way to start out the morning!

If you remember about 5 years ago we introduced you to this new jelly  Rhodochrosite from Peru. Since then we have not seen much of it sadly. Today however Karen and Bruce found these sculptures and scooped up as many as they could which was not many but we are very grateful to have some in stock again! So yummy we wish they could be eaten! 

We just had to share this Amethyst with Calcite egg with you all. The color is natural and to die for. It was one of the pieces offered on the Crystal Club. 

This year we decided to invest in Himalayan Quartz. It is one of the more expensive forms of Quartz due to its location and the difficulty involved in the mining process. I can tell you hands down it is 100% worth it not only for the beauty luster and formations but the great energy it holds as well. I personal feel that the energy reminds me of going to the Ashram as a child and the deep silence and serenity I experienced. We offered some of the larger clusters and Cathedrals on the Crystal Club. We will be bringing home smaller lustrous clusters and crystals in a more affordable price point. You won't need cheaters (eye classes) to see how incredible they are!

This was one of my favorite pieces which we sold. It is a starburst cluster and the golden coloration is rare for Himalayan Quartz. 

Lunch in the car!!! Group shot!

About 38 lbs. of Pink Opal! The was the largest Pink Opal heart I have seen to date! I had to snag a pictures with it of course. What I didn't snag a picture of yet was the lovely geode that are partially polished into hearts eggs spheres and cubes of Pyrite that will be coming home with us. I was too interested in getting this heart is my arms apparently.

 This is right outside the house we are staying it. The mountain is magnificent and these Cacti are unlike anything we experience in CO. They are truly enjoyable to experience. 

 This wraps up the first three days of our Roaring 20's buying trip. We hope you have enjoyed following our travels. 

For now let's blouse! (Get out of here)






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