What is the Hands of Spirit Crystal Club? February 12 2020

Hands of Spirit Crystal Club

This Club runs on the WhatsApp Application, because it allows us to message a larger group than other platforms.  What is the HOS Crystal Club you may ask? This fun new Club will be used during our buying trips to offer special crystals, gems, carvings, jewelry and more, that we may not otherwise be purchasing. The club will also be used to offer special new pieces that we have brought back to the store for you to purchase before they are shown with the general public.  
How the Crystal Club works:
  1. Download the WhatsApp Application to your phone, and share your number with Hands of Spirit so we can send you the welcome note, and complete the final steps before you are added into the Club text. 
  2. Hands of Spirit will text videos & pictures, of items while on the buying or after our buying trips.
  3. We will be at each location for short amounts of time, usually 15-30 minutes, so you must act quickly if you are interested in a piece.
  4. Similar to our Live Sales, the first person to comment on the Club text "Mine with the Code#" will be the "winner" of the item.
  5. If you decide to join this club, we will need a credit card number in advance for when you claim an item.  At the end of the trip, when we send the invoices out, you can reply and let us know if you prefer to use PayPal, or run the card on file.
  6. In the WhatsApp text, Mirabai will give all the pertinent information on the piece, so you truly understand what you are claiming.  She will also give a time frame for how long she will be at that location.  All items claimed are not returnable or exchangeable, as they are a Special Purchase specifically for the person who claims them.  Please be aware of this when you are claiming an item.  There will be no exceptions.
  7. As always, we do our best to bring you the most beautiful gifts from Mother Earth at the best possible prices. We are excited to share our Adventure with you!