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New Crystals, Minerals and Carvings at Hands of Spirit Chapter 1

Welcome Everyone,

Happy Valentines Day!  We thought we would give you a gift of pictures to enjoy for your day of hearts. We hope your life is filled with lots of love and we hope you love everything you are about to see. 

Our family is back home from our Magical Mystery Tour and we have been working nonstop to get all of the special orders and reserve items ready, as well as the overall inventory.  It is honestly like Christmas, getting to open the many packages, bags and boxes, even if we don't get to keep it all :)

The items in the photos below are the new and exciting pieces available. For those who did not follow our Tucson blog, please feel free to email us at or text Mirabai at 720 352 3224 if there is a piece that catches your eye.  We are happy to send you pictures, sizes and prices.  For those who did, if anything else catches your eye, you know what to do!

Some of you may have seen the new Larimar spheres and eggs that we found at outstanding prices.  If not, here are some that are available.  These were the best quality we have ever seen at the best prices.  We went a little crazy but could not pass them up. Something we never had before, are these shiny and sand blasted  pure Copper massage wands.  They are heavy because they are made out of elemental Copper, and really have a great feel in the hand!  We also have a few Stichtite beads, nice deep purple coloring. 

Here is a close up of the two different finished on the Copper wands. 

Our next grouping of stones is a mixture of gem Lepidolite wands, a sphere and a lingham, Moonstone wands with Black Tourmaline and Apatite, as well as Serpentine and Scolecite wands.   Below I will show what happens with the Scolecite and Lepidolite when a light is put behind them.  FYI, the Lepidolite sphere is beyond words when a light is put behind it. 

This is a Scolecite lingham shape. Look how it glows - almost like little glowing flowers. 

Here is one of the gem Lepidolite wands when held up to the light of a window.   You can see the layering of Lepidolite actually if you look closely. 

Here is a Scolecite wand with a light behind it. It is hard to tell, but with the way the crystals form in Scolecite, it actually is like a star burst with crystals going out 360 degrees around.

For those of you who like rare, rare, rare items, this egg may be for you!  It is a Scapolite Egg from Canada.  More commonly, Scapolite comes from Africa and is yellow or from Pakistan and Russia where it is a lighter violet color.  We do have two cabochons from Russia that are pretty gemmy in this lighter color as well.  If you look closely, this egg has little gemmy sections as well.

This new edition will be available soon, along with a sister piece that does not have the blue Apatite beads, but only the Moonstone and Spinel beads.   

The Blue Calcite from Argentina, was probably one of the most popular items on our travels.  Look at what happens when one is set on a light!  We have two spheres of this size still available as well as one larger sphere, a few Jumbos and a few hearts. They are all of the highest quality. 

Here was one of my favorite finds.  A Blue Calcite Bowl!  So you have an idea of size, the pink Mangano Calcite sphere is about 1.75" in diameter. This piece is truly breathtaking. A piece of art.  If it was set on a light box, it would be even more incredible. 

We found one more White Onyx bowl when the first one sold. It is being used to show off some lovely Kunzite/Hiddenite crystals. 

Here we have some of our Russian beauties:  Eudialyte spheres, free forms and cabochons, two Astrophyllite Cabochons, and some new gem Chrome Diopside!  Wait till you see the Seraphinite in one of our next blogs.  I'll have an update for you on the mining of that material, or lack there of. . .

Over the years, we always meet with our minor friend from Columbia who mines these special Blue/Green Obsidians with lava flow and air bubbles. Each year we make sure we meet with him first so we can procure the small amount of material that he has brought. This year there was no polished, just rough pieces.  The first picture of the Obsidian above, has the largest air bubble in it, that I have ever seen.  We also have a piece containing perlite (Melody has a separate write up on green obsidian with perlite).  The miner said that the perlite inclusion definitively proves that this material is from natural sources. We only have about 7 of these available. For those not familiar with this material, the black strands you are seeing is the lava flow captured in the Obsidian. 

Here are some of our fun new bead pendants, Rutilated Quartz, one Ametrine and one Amethyst.

For those of you who may have missed the miraculous find of Super 7, here are the cabochons we still have available, except for the long tear drop which sold after this photo was taken. Super 7 is a very important stone if you follow the Melody lineage. 

Time for the animals!  Here are some of our new Zuni and Navajo fetish carvings.  Owls, beavers, magpies, bunnies, ducks, corn maidens, etc. 

Bats, snakes, wolfs, turtles, prairie dogs, lady bugs and so many more!

Here are our fun new Zimbabwe animals.  Look at the most adorable family of Meerkats!  We also have a Verdite Lion, and Serpentine spotted Turtle. 

Last year we found these little owls.  We only brought one back, but as it sold right away, we thought we would bring a few more of our feathery friends with us this year. 

We have single, double and even a triple leopard carvings, black bears and another turtle.

Cheetahs, Lepidolite and Verdite elephant, sleeping cat, a single meerkat (adore these) more leopards and penguins!  

A stunning sunset from our window while we were inventorying. Wish the camera could capture it the way it was in life. 

Presili Stone! This stuff is darn hard to find. It comes from Wales and was used to build Stonehenge, which is 140 miles away from Wales!!!! The piece in the middle is a truly special find. It is a carving of a face.  For anyone who has ever seen Roman Holiday, if you remember the scene where Audrey Hepburn puts her hand in the Mouth of Truth carving, this piece looks similar to that.  Karen has one and says the energy is out of this world.  She feels like it is the Universal Nature Spirit - Pan, the Green Man, carrying an ancient, wise creative energy. 

That wraps up our first blog from our return!  We hope you have enjoyed.  Now, go enjoy your Valentines Day and remember to give someone a special hug or hello, you never know how a small gesture of kindness can change someones day.



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