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New Crystals, Minerals and Carvings at Hands of Spirit Chapter 2

Hello Everyone!

We are two shows into our Spring show season and it has been great to see so many of you. Our next show is the Body, Mind Spirit Celebration March 16th through 18th.  We will have all of what is pictured below, plus more as we have one weekend off to get a few more crystals inventoried. We are working as quickly as we can!

Please note, a few of the items below have sold, but I will make sure to indicate that below the photo.  There is plenty of new and exciting item.  We hope to see you at one of the upcoming shows or at the Crystalline Temple.  A reminder that our Spring Open House will be held April 7th and 8th.  We are hoping to have most everything ready for you to see then!  If you are out of state or can't make a show, please don't hesitate to email us at or text me at 720 352 3224 to inquire about a piece you may like. 

Some of you may remember that we found a great selection of genuine Nuummite from Greenland during our Magical Mystery Tour.  Here is the largest sphere we have ever had and look at the flash!  Nuummite is difficult to polish, but this piece has is very lustrous. 

For our animal lovers, we have some sweet white Onyx cats and black and white Onyx penguins. Plus a great orange Calcite candle holder. We have one small penguin left, but the large and one small did sell. 

This year, a new type of Onyx came out that we had not seen before, it is called Zebra Onyx.  You can see the black and white banding in the bear carvings.  The large bear, the T-Rex and one wooly mammoth have sold, but we have the another heart bowl and a few other carvings not pictured here as well. We have never had wooly mammoths before. 

We love the little duck carving in black Onyx. So cute!

Rainbow Fluorite, always a favorite of ours, but impossible to get good photos of.  For those of you who know this material, you know how pretty they are!

Bowls, bowls and more bowls.  Seems that bowls were a hot commodity this year.  We always love finding a nice variety, especially as they are soooo difficult to get. We have a wide selection of small bowls however, some fluted and some not. We like to fill them with little tumbled stones. 

This year we found medium and small Picture Jasper bowls that were very different than what we normally see.  Look at the amazing designs!

These are some of our medium bowls.  Great for holding jewelry, stones or other small treasures. 

More Zebra Onyx.  We only have on of these left, but I had to share them with you.  They are so striking.  I am hoping we will be able to get more in the future. 

I always say it, but these pictures don't do justice to the colors of these pendants. The Sugilite is spectacular, the Azurite/Malachite are artistically marvelous , the Tanzanite is terrific and the Moldavite is magnificent. 

This photo better shows the rich colors of the large Sugilite pendant. 

For those who love bracelets, we have new Rainbow Fluorite and mix Tourmaline!

Pietersite is best shown in videos so you can see the chatoyant nature, but I guess you will just have to come visit us to see for yourself!

We have eggs, a few spheres, wands and tumbled Pietersite, every piece is unique and enchanting. 

Back by popular demand, Mottramite from Mexico.  These little specimens look like forests from high above or mold...whatever you prefer :) Either way, we find them fascinating. Our favorite aspect though, is this one property in particular:  Mottramite provides supplemental energy during competitive sports, great physical stress and prolonged physical labor.

Last year we found a few Orange River Quartz specimens.  They mainly form in little clusters. This form of Quartz is highly sought after my specimen collector. The inclusions of red come from Hematite and form phantoms. We sold them all, so thought we would get a few more this year for those who did not have a chance to get one last year.  For those who like to wire-wrap, there is a baby specimen that would be amazing in a pendant!  It is not pictured here, but please email us or come to a show to see it.

This is a cousin of Orange River Quartz.  It is the same minerals, but from Zaire instead of Namibia/South Africa. 

For those who have not seen the new find of Brusite from Pakistan, here it is.  Each pieces has a very neat lustrous nature to it. I tried to capture it a bit in the next photo. 

Here you can see the glints of light reflecting off of the surface. Really pretty specimens, and a nice yellow color.  The only other mineral we have that is this nice bright yellow color is Sulfur, so it is a nice addition to the color wheel. 

Always a popular item, Herkimer Diamonds with Vera Cruz Amethyst tops.  The tops come off, and you can use the Herkimer Diamonds in your healing work. 

Azurite from the Milpillas Mine in Mexico!  The Azurite that come from this location are considered to be some of the best in the world.  The color of the crystals when put in the sun, is electric blue. 

New gemstone necklaces. They make great pieces on their own or combined with a pendant, like the photo below. 

Pictured above from left to right: Blue Apatie, Labradorite, Ruby/Sapphire, Black Tourmaline, Tanzanite and Blue Topaz.

Here is the Ruby/Sapphire necklace with a Gem Rhodonite pendant. 

Some of the minerals we brought back have such incredible terminations.  I used a macro lens on my phone and was able to get in close for some great pictures.  Here was have the natural termination of an Azurine crystal.  

Here we have a close up of a hand sized specimen of Chrysocolla.  The round balls you are seeing are botryoidal in shape.  Very few minerals form this way.  Hematite, and Prehnite are two that form this way. 

Here are all of the Koroite Opals that we brought back.  A few have sold, but if one catches your eye, please feel free to ask for more information.

These to Koroit Opals are great representations of the classic patterns that make Koroit so popular. 

For those of you who love hearts, we have some great new Malachite hears this year.  Look at those bulls-eye formations! 

We also have some new Malachite carvings, these two are the largest and pretty special.  Mr. Elephant and Ms. Lioness. The patterns on these two are mesmerizing. 

It is always very difficult for us to find Shattuckite. We were able to get six pieces this year with a mixture of Chrysocolla, Malachite and other copper mix minerals in them.

Here is a close up so you can see the mixture of these minerals.  It looks like an areal map of the world. 

We have some large new cabochons in Mahogany Obsidian, which has been difficult to find. Also some Seraphinite and a Bumblebee Jasper. 

We found some fun free form pieces and a few cabochons of Dendrites this year.  Dendrites are not actually fossils, thought they are often mistaken as such.  They form in fissures of rocks when there is a mineral rich solution available. They often look like frost patterns or trees. We have three minerals year that come from Turkey.  This is one of them.

Mini scepters!  How darling are these little guys?  A mixture of Smoky Quartz, and Amethyst in some cases with redish colored bases which comes from Iron. Another great one for those who love to wire-wrap. 

This form of clear/white Hemimorphite from Mexico forms in such interesting patterns.  This little piece looks like an artsy daisy flower from some angles. 

Speaking of interesting crystal formations, look at these white Aragonite crystals!  They look like sea creatures or plants.  A bit on the fragile side, but pretty incredible. These also come from Mexico. 

These Pakistan Aquamarine crystals are a real treat for us.  Some of these crystals have a phantom in them, and others have an inclusion that is common in Aquamarine, but very interesting when viewed close up like the photos below.

These inclusions are actually tubes.  They can be hallow or some are actually filled with liquid. These inclusions can help a identify them as natural over synthetic or imitation. 

Here is another great picture of the tube inclusions. 

I showed you some of our Chalcedony animals during our Magical Mystery Tour, but here are a few closer photos.  The snake did sell, but the rest in this photo as well as others that are not shown are available. 

Fred the Frog and Willy the Whale are looking for adoption applications.

This lovely purple Jade flat stones are the second mineral we found from Turkey. 

These Sheelite flat stones make the third item from Turkey!  Great stripes and soft colors. 

Gem Apatite crystals.  Incredible colors in this small natural crystals.  Many are double terminated. 

We have 5 Bustamite cabs available.  Bustamite grows with Sugilite, but is even more rare. 

Last, but not least!  There was a new find of green Fluorite from none other than our home state of Colorado!  These specimens come from Unaweep Canyon, Mesa County, CO. Perfect for this upcoming St. Patrick's Day. Many of these specimens have growth interference.  They are gemmy with great luster.  Please see some closer photos below. The best part is, they are very affordable. 

Well, that wraps it up for this round of new additions to the Hands of Spirit collection.  I hope you have enjoyed yourself and learned a little something in the process. We hope to see you soon.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or interest in what you have read about. 

Enjoy the Spring weather!



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